World Star Betting

Worldstar Betting is a multinational betting company providing reliable betting platforms to punters in Asia, Africa, and Europe. In Africa, Worldstar Betting has its betting service available to only four countries: Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, and Lesotho. But soon, their service will be available in Ghana, Tanzania, Swaziland, Namibia, and Congo.

Worldstar Betting provides admirable betting services to these countries. You can place bets on international sports bets on pre-event or live sports. Also, you can get access to many lucrative bonuses for different categories of betting. So, if you are from Malawi and want to profit from sports betting, Worldstar Betting Malawi is the first place you should check out.

Is Worldstar Betting legal in Malawi?

There is a conflict regarding whether online betting is legal in Malawi or not. So, you may ask if Worldstar Betting is legal in Malawi or not. Let us clear out your confusion with the Malawi law of gambling.

Gambling is not illegal in Malawi. It was legalized in Malawi in 1996 with the passing of the Malawi Gambling Act. So, it is clear that gambling is legal in Malawi, but what about online gambling? Although online gambling has no legal laws of playing, it is not illegal. There is no law in Malawi legislation for taking actions against online gambling/ betting in Malawi. So, rest assured, you don’t have to go to jail for betting online.

If you are still considering Worldstar Bettings legality in Malawi, then hear this. Worldstar Betting Malawi is licensed and regulated by the National Lotteries Board of Malawi.

Worldstar Betting Registration

Now that you are assured of Worldstar Betting’s legality in Malawi, you may want to start betting here. But to do that, you must register. How would you do that? Simply click on Register/ Log in on the top orange bar of the web page; it will pull out a slide box. Click on “Register for free,” and you will be on the registration form.

The registration form has three sections: User information, Access information, and Other.

  1. The user information requires your first name, last name, and city.
  2. The Access information is those required to sign in to your account. That is your phone number and password (4 digit PIN).
  3. In the Other section, you tell them where you have heard about Worldstar Betting. It is an optional part. Give this information, and that’s it – You are registered. Now all you need to do is deposit money in your account and start betting.

Worldstar Betting Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are relatively easy, but some rules need to be followed.
Currently, there are two methods for depositing: Airtel Mobile Money or TNM MPAMBA. You can send the money as bill payment to Worldstar Betting, or you can use their merchant number in Airtel Mobile Money. The whole depositing process is described on their web page step by step. The deposited money is installed in your betting account instantly with a 0% fee.
Withdrawals are made only by Airtel Mobile Money. But there are criteria that you must follow to make a withdrawal. The rule is to bet with all the money you have deposited into your account. If you don’t do that, your withdrawal request will be denied.

Worldstar Betting Mobile App

The whole point of making betting available online was to allow punters to make bets on the go. And in this era of the internet and smartphones, having a mobile app for your betting services is a must. That is why Worldstar Betting has introduced its mobile app. Sadly, it is only available for Android. That is a loss for iPhone users, but they can still access the webpage of Worldstar Betting and place their bets there.

The mobile app and web page are similar. They have the same layout, design, and accessibility. The only difference is speed and convenience, in which the app is better.

However, the app is not available in Playstore. There is a link on the Worldstar Betting web page. That link is the only option available to download that app.

Worldstar Betting Offerings

Now let us talk about the betting offerings of Worldstar Betting – from live betting to sports betting to virtuals and jackpots. But unlike its competitors, it doesn’t offer casino games.

In live betting, you have football, hockey, basketball, and tennis. All the live match scores are viewed on a page in list style. You take your pick and place a bet before the game ends. In rugby, you see the fixtures of all scheduled rugby matches around the world.

These are called predetermined betting. Once the match starts, you cannot change your bet.

In virtuals, you have some graphically appealing games. They are enjoyable to play with, and you can win money for winning.
Of course, you have to be registered and logged in to play these virtual games. No sneak peek is allowed.

Worldstar Betting Bonuses

Worldstar Betting has no lackings in terms of their bonuses. Their bonuses are their primary weapon of promotion. There are a ton of bonuses available for different categories of betting.

There is that sweet welcome bonus on your first deposit – 20% of your first deposit is added to your account. And then there is the near-miss out bonus. This bonus varies based on the amount you are betting and winning. To give you an idea of the near-miss out bonus, you will get 100X of your stakes back for missing only one selection. Of course, there are some terms and conditions that must be fulfilled to be eligible.

Worldstar Betting Customer Support

If you face any issues with Worldstar Betting, you can quickly get in touch with their customer helpdesk. You can reach them with live chat, Whatsapp, Airtel mobile money helpline, and email. They are fast and reliable.

Final Verdict

So, this was our review of Worldstar Betting. It has some decent offerings and bonuses to place bets on. So, we would recommend it to all our Malawi readers.